Welcome to Paul Penders International

Our Traditional Formulation Restores & Rejuvenates

Each Paul Penders product is infused with "Essence of Life" or LevensESSENTIE Gold®, a 100-year old traditional formulation of the Penders family. This unique herbal extract combines 22 Eastern and Western certified organic herbs work to restore balance and vitality to skin and hair and prepared similar to ancient Ayurvedic practices where herbs are used to balance body, mind and spirit.

Effective & Naturally Organic Solutions

Natural skincare made with organic ingredients developed by our own professional R&D team. Meticulously cold-blended in a system that we pioneered. Made in small batches that ensure bio-active ingredients to maintain their full strength to provide optimal results. A natural makeup range that contain organic pigments. Paul Penders products are guaranteed free from any harmful chemical ingredients. Our products fully comply with EU and US FDA regulations.

Never Tested on Animals

In July 2013, Paul Penders' full line of beauty products received global certification from the prestigious American Vegetarian Association (AVA) 

Great beauty care does not pollute the environment and our products are never, ever tested on animals. Our founder Paul Penders has fought animal tests from the very start of the company in The Netherlands over 40 years ago.