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Amanda McGillivray owner

I have just signed the petition against The Safe Cosmetics Act 2010 as well. At the moment in Europe there is a real concern over health supplements. The EC Regulations in Europe (the Cosmetics Directive) have been law for some time and has cost small businesses thousands of pounds already but the latest worry is the EU law which is coming into effect very soon regarding natural supplements. Please read this from The Independent Online:


If the European law does goes through, our company will not be able to buy higher doses of vitamins and mineral supplements. The new regulations could ensure that small businesses involved in high quality natural products will go out of business. If you read the information above on the Independent website, you will see that small businesses cannot possibly afford the fees for testing the ingredients (potentially up to £250,000!), yet alone the registration.

But back to the Safe Cosmetics Act. We wish all of you good luck in stopping the U.S. bill and let us hope that you will be successful and that the USA will lead the way into bringing some sort of sense back into how these bills are thought through….yes, we need cosmetics regulations of course – in order to protect us against potentially harmful chemical ingredients, but not natural ingredients which have been used for hundreds of years!

We need proper consultation processes and a voice given to small manufacturers, rather than Big Pharma and multi-national corporations putting a stranglehold on the natural health industry for yet more profit and big bonuses! We also need exemptions for small businesses so that these companies can carry on supplying in small batches, pure, unadulterated, quality ingredients to their customers. We need freedom of choice!

It is not too late! Oppose HR 5786: Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 Please sign the petition by clicking the image below!

Amanda McGillivray owner

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